The list of abstracts of talks that will be given at the conference can be found here.


23rd May
09:00 09:45   Registration
09:45 10:30   A. Tortora
 A still undecided point on groups with an identity
10:30 10:55   V. Grazian
 Fusion and pearls
10:55 11:20   M. Noce
 Right Engel elements in the first Grigorchuk group
11:20 11:50   Coffee Break
11:50 12:15   V. Iusa
 Finite groups and Lie rings with a Frobenius group
 of automorphisms
12:15 12:40   A.V. De Luca
 Groups with permutability conditions on subgroups
 of infinite rank
12:40 13:05   I. Colazzo
 The algebraic structure of semi-brace
13:05 13:30   P. Stefanelli
 Semi-braces and the Yang-Baxter equation
13:30 15:00   Lunch
15:00 15:25   B. Lodà
 Relational complexity for finite permutation groups
15:25 15:50   H. Meng
 Regular orbits of finite solvable groups
15:50 16:20   Coffee Break
16:20 16:45   B. Robbio
 Hierarchically hyperbolic groups, cubulating
 groups and RAAGs
16:45 17:10   A. Garreta
 Regular language equations
17:10 17:30   A. Van Antwerpen
 Coleman automorphisms of finite groups
 and their minimal normal subgroups

24th May
09:30 09:55   L. Margolis
 Zassenhaus Conjecture for small groups
09:55 10:20   M. Castelli
 A new family of irretractable left cycle sets
10:20 10:45   G. Pinto
 A new construction of indecomposable solutions
 of the Yang-Baxter equation
10:45 11:15   Coffee Break
11:15 11:40   V. Perez-Calabuig
 An elementary proof of Graham's Theorem
11:40  12:05   L. Cimetta
 Normally ζ-reversible profinite groups
12:05 12:30   A. Zitouni
 Groups in which every proper subgroup
 of infinite rank is finite rank-by-hypercentral
 or hypercentral-by-finite rank
12:30 14:30   Lunch
14:30 14:55   A. Clarke
 Involution conjugacy classes in the affine
 Coxeter groups
14:55 15:20   M. Serrano
 On the Zassenhaus Conjecture for direct products
15:20 15:50   Coffee Break
15:50 16:35   M. De Falco
 Weakly power automorphisms of groups