Program of the Conference

Wednseday, October 7
9:30-10:00Opening Session
M. Newell, Il Papa Francesco
ChairmanL. A. Kurdachenko
10:00-10:50M. Maj, Products of subsets in torsion-free groups
10:50-11:20Coffee Break
11:20-12:10A. Facchini, Krull-Schmidt-Remak Theorem, direct product decompositions and G-groups
12:10-13:00C. Casolo, Classes of locally nilpotent groups
ChairmanM. Newell
15:00-15:50B. Amberg, Products of groups revisited
15:50-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-16:50Y. P. Sysak, Local nearrings, products of groups and related questions
Thursday, October 8
ChairmanH. Heineken
10:00-10:50D.J.S. Robinson, Sylow permutability in infinite soluble groups
10:50-11:20Coffee Break
11:20-12:10M. Fontana, Multiplicative Ideal Theory: Dedekind's and Kronecker's approaches compared
12:10-13:00 P. Longobardi, Autocommutators in infinite groups
ChairmanA. Caranti
15:00-15:50A. Giambruno, Growth and polynomial identities
15:50-16:40D. Dikranjan, Coarse structure on infinite groups
16:40-16:50Coffee Break
16:50-17:40A. Ballester-Bolinches, Permutable subgroups of groups
18:00Cocktail party
Poster Session
• I. Colazzo, New construction of radical F-braces: the Hochschild product
• A. Daoui, 4-Engel elements of groups
• R. Esteban-Romero, Finite groups in which some subgroups of the p-residual are S-semipermutable
• V. PĂ©rez Calabuig, F-kernels of finite semigroups
• P. Stefanelli, New construction of radical F-braces: the asymmetric product
• N. Trabelsi, Groups whose proper subgroups are (locally finite)-by-(locally nilpotent)