Università degli Studi di Napoli
Federico II

Aracne Editrice

5th November
10:15  Introduction
10:30  A. Lucchini
 Groups satisfying a strong complement property
11:30  M. Trombetti
 Large characteristic subgroups
12:30  Reinhold Baer Prize 2018
 with the participation of G. Onorati
 Aracne Editrice Administrator
13:00  Lunch
15:00  G. Tracey
 Crowns in finite groups: theory and applications
16:00  G. Janssens
 The integral isomorphism problem,
 a helping hand from (geometric) group theory

6th November
10:30  N. Gordeev
 The word maps on simple algebraic groups
11:30  D. Dikranjan
 On a class of profinite groups related to a theorem of Prodanov