At the moment the following conferences have been fixed:

May 7 R. Maier Dietzmann-friendly extension operators
May 10 F. De Mari Groups with dense modular subgroups
May 14 V. Mikaelian On the number of not locally soluble SI*-groups
May 16 R. Maier Testing special properties of polycyclic-by-finite groups at small subgroups
May 20 V. Mikaelian The varieties of groups generated by wreath products of abelian groups
May 21 E. Detomi Recognizing properties of finite groups by their probabilistic zeta function
A. Lucchini Crowns and factors of the probabilistic zeta function of a finite group
D.J.S. Robinson Finite groups in which normality, permutability or Sylow-permutability is transitive - part I
May 23 H. Heineken Sections of angles and n-th roots of numbers
May 24 M.R. Dixon The join of two disjoint permutable soluble subgroups
May 27 B. Amberg The adjoint group of radical and local rings
F. de Giovanni Groups with restricted conjugacy classes
H. Heineken Permutability of subnormal subgroups
D.J.S. Robinson Finite groups in which normality, permutability or Sylow-permutability is transitive - part II
May 28 C. Casolo Groups with the subnormal intersection property
M. De Falco Permutable subgroups of infinite groups
M.L. Newell "Life among the Baers", a personal view
Y.P. Sysak Local nearrings and products of groups
May 29 J. Krempa On a generalization of modular groups
L.A. Kurdachenko Groups with small family of non-FC-groups
C.M. Scoppola Pro-p groups and graded Lie algebras
May 30 M.R. Dixon Groups with various minimality conditions
F. Menegazzo Complements for a finite simple group in its automorphism group
M.C. Tamburini Carter subgroups of finite classical groups
June 3 J. Krempa On some finiteness properties of groups of units
June 4 I. Malinowska Groups of p-automorphisms of finite p-groups
June 5 R. Schmidt L-free groups
June 10 R. Schmidt Groups with metadistributive subgroup lattice
June 11 A Russo Groups with restricted automorphism group
June 12 G. Fernandez Alcober Finite p-groups with restricted normal structure
June 14 G. Vincenzi Pseudonormal subgroups of groups
June 17 G. Fernandez Alcober A finiteness condition on normal subgroups of nilpotent groups
June 18 H. Smith Minimal condition on soluble subgroups
June 21 H. Smith Subgroups of infinite index in soluble groups