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Intensive Bimester of Group Theory

Naples, May - June 2002

In the spring of 2002, the Federico II University of Naples, with the financial support of the National Institute of Higher Mathematics, will host an intensive bimester dedicated to the Theory of Infinite Groups, organized by Francesco de Giovanni (Napoli) and Martin Newell (Galway) with the collaboration of Maria De Falco, Carmen Musella, Alessio Russo and Gianni Vincenzi. This event will be dedicated to the memory of Reinhold Baer, the centenary of whose birth will occur on July 22, 2002. These two months will focus on current research and develop topics and methods introduced by and studied by Baer, with particular emphasis on finiteness conditions in group theory and the properties of generalized soluble and nilpotent groups. The event will serve as a favourable opportunity to discuss the most recent results and foster closer collaboration between Italian and foreign mathematicians interested in these topics. It is envisaged that during the two months specialists in these areas will be based in Naples, each for a period of 10 to 15 days, during which conferences, short lecture series and scientific collaboration between the partecipants will be arranged and facilitated.

At the moment it is expected that the following will attend

B. Amberg (Mainz, Germany) [23.05 - 30.05]
C. Casolo (Florence, Italy) [27.05 - 01.06]
F. Catino (Lecce, Italy) [27.05-29.05]
M.R. Dixon (Tuscaloosa, USA) [23.05 - 05.06]
G. Ferndandez Alcober (Bilbao, Spain) [10.06 - 20.06]
H. Heineken (Würzburg, Germany) [21.05 - 01.06]
J. Krempa (Warsaw, Poland) [27.05 - 08.06]
L.A. Kurdachenko (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) [20.05 - 31.05]
A. Lucchini (Brescia, Italy) [20.05 - 24.05]
R. Maier (Brazilia, Brasil) [06.05 - 18.05]
I. Malinowska (Bialystok, Poland) [27.05 - 08.06]
F. Menegazzo (Padova, Italy) [27.05 - 01.06]
V.H. Mikaelian (Yerevan, Armenia) [13.05 - 24.05]
M.L. Newell (Galway, Ireland) [20.05 - 01.06]
D.J.S. Robinson (Urbana, USA) [17.05 - 30.05]
R. Schmidt (Kiel, Germany) [03.06 - 15.06]
C.M. Scoppola (L'Aquila, Italy) [27.05-31.05]
L. Serena (Florence, Italy) [27.05 - 01.06]
H. Smith (Lewisburg, USA) [17.06 - 25.06]
Y.P. Sysak (Kiev, Ukraine) [23.05 - 30.05]
M.C. Tamburini (Brescia, Italy) [27.05 - 30.05]

Reinhold Baer