The easiest way to reach us at the conference venue is to get to Rome and then travel to L'Aquila by bus.

✈️ People flying to Rome, either to Fiumicino Airport (FCO) or Ciampino Airport (CIA), can purchase a bus ticket from the airport to L'Aquila at gasparionline, selecting ‘L'Aquila (ss 17)’ as your destination.

🚅 People getting to Rome by train or by other means can reach Roma Tiburtina train station by local public transport (metro B) and then take a bus from Roma Tiburtina Bus Terminal to L'Aquila. Please see the following links:

  • gasparionline (choose L'Aquila (ss 17) as your destination)
  • autobus (select Roma as departure location, L'Aquila as departure destination, and then select a ticket from Roma-Stazione Tiburtina to L'Aquila-Amiternum)
People wanting to reach the city centre of Rome from the airport can take a shuttle bus from either airport, or a local train from Fiumicino Airport.