The easiest way to reach us at the conference venue is to get to Rome and then travel to L'Aquila by bus.

✈️ People flying to Rome, either to Fiumicino Airport (FCO) or Ciampino Airport (CIA), can purchase a bus ticket from the airport to L'Aquila at gasparionline, selecting ‘L'Aquila (ss 17)’ as your destination.

🚅 People getting to Rome by train or by other means can reach Roma Tiburtina train station by local public transport (metro B) and then take a bus from Roma Tiburtina Bus Terminal to L'Aquila. Please see the following links:

  • gasparionline (choose L'Aquila (ss 17) as your destination)
  • autobus (select Roma as departure location, L'Aquila as departure destination, and then select a ticket from Roma-Stazione Tiburtina to L'Aquila-Amiternum)
People wanting to reach the city centre of Rome from the airport can take a shuttle bus from either airport, or a local train from Fiumicino Airport.

Instructions for Taxi
Service: The Radiotaxi L'Aquila
Number: +39 086225165
There has been an agreed price of €15 each way between Amiternum bus stop/My Suite hotel and the conference venue. Once at the bus stop or the car park of the My Suite hotel, please call the above number and ask to be taken to Compagnia del Viaggiatore. Please note that the service is available from 7:00-0:00, but may be used outside these times with a reservation.